The real BettyBoo

What we do and why we do it

Call it a hobby but i love letting people have a little look into my on line antics here on the 3DXChat. From cool guys, sultry girls and swinging couples and groups, we try to capture those moments so you get to share a little of the magic we had creating these images. And before you ask no we don't just do poses and click the shutter because that's the main reason we do this... To have fun!

We create porn yes, but with like minded people who want to capture those intense moments and share them with others. Isn't that what sex is? Sharing?

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OK, so what's it all about

What can I expect?

Betty Boo

Photographer & 3DX porn star

I have two passions. Photography and sex. It seemed only natural to mix the two things together which inspired me to bring my own flavour of erotica to 3DX whilst sharing it with the people that matter. Mainly all of you! And whats even better you even get to take part in the creation of this site and be a part of my adventures. 

So what is on the table?


Boo Studios

What we do

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Someone who knows how to get that perfect shot

Do you need a photographer who can get the shots you want of those private moments? I've been photographing exactly that for the last few years so for parties, that special partner or just a thrill, let me know what you want and Ill capture it for you.

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Whatever you role, I can help

A project of your own that need s models who know how to work under shoot conditions can be a challenge. When you have the right people, the results can be very steamy indeed. So, if you need someone used to being naughty in front of a camera, drop me a line.

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Joining the crew

I'm always looking for models for the website

My adventures wouldn't be just that without the fun and sexy people who take part in my shoots. So if you fancy yourself as an up and 'cumming' porn star and would like to try out for a casting, drop me a line on Twitter and lets talk x

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A word from some of our featured stars

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Just fun fun fun! I'm just gonna say this. Best damn fuck on 3DX! This girl really goes!


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A great lady and amazing photographer! My best friend and an amazing swinger. There's few who can keep up with her and even less that can match her.

Mrs B (Mrs Barton)

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You'll play around with them. You'll find yourself at their little parties. Then before your know it you're on that casting couch going for broke. Yeah, you'll be back for a second helping!