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My Girls


Always a first time

Starring Bell

Photography by Betty Boo

There's a first time for everything and mine was Bell. I had never experienced this with a trans before so an invite to her winter cabin and nice conversation was the ideal ice breaker to set the mood. It was obvious what she wanted and I was as equally curious to play...

So we did. 

Will we again. Would I repeat this encounter? Well since this shoot took place I can confirm we have though without a camera this time. I am hoping she agrees to go in front of the lens again.


Lady in red

Starring AstridDoes

You may recall Astrid from her screen test where Trunk paid us a visit and things got a little steamy. Well since then she has been keen for a 'second helping ', only this time in a more personal setting. And she had a specific request about a red dress shes seen me wear.

So who am I not to please a guest. I do admit this is one shoot I've been looking forward to doing as Astrid is very on my wavelength when it comes to sex. This sessios turned into a a bit of a long one that saw us both a little  tired by the end. A definate 10/10!


The Bust

With Lola Stardust & Kenzie Bae

Photography by Betty Boo

This shoot was a 2 for one deal with Lola who was keen to elevate her portfolio from streetwalker to porn star. And with a little help from Kenzie they where able to do just that. So imagine if you will Office Kenzie patrolling a well known dogging site and stumbling across a well known persistent offender in the guise of Lola.

Officer Kenzie decides to meet out a more unusual punishment on Lola in the back of a pick-up she caught her fooling around in. Luckily I was on hand to snap the encounter. Naughty girls!


Welcome back

With Bel and Raff

Photography by Betty Boo

This was a shoot that came out of a series of events I could have never for seen. Firstly Bel, who you may recall was our first trans model and we had high hopes she'd be making a regular appearance. But she got caught up in a relationship and we lost touch. Well until a week ago. Bel, now single wanted to pick up where she left off and was very specific as to what she wanted.

Well you know me, I always like to be accommodating and spent a week trying to find someone who would be happy to star with Bel. Surprisingly it was Raff who stepped up with the quote; 'Im gonna destroy that ass'. It seemed Bel loved the idea so we took the Boo Bus to the dogging site.  What followed was a very hard and frantic session which ended on a happy note. It seems Bel and Raff intend to meet up again. Sorry... No cameras this time :(


He likes it

With Mrs B & Barton

Photography by Barton

Well he does. Barton loves watching his wife play and it also helped answer a question from Robbie, who mailed us and asked? 'Do you ever fuck Mrs B?' To answer you Robbie ( and we hope you like this set). Yes, frequently though you rarely see the pics as its mainly personal time that this happens in. 

And yes Robbie Mr B loves watching his wife doing it with me. So just for you, here's you're very own B&B shoot and yes we don't leave her husband out! Don't stroke it to hard now!



With Maisie (and Ben who wasn't supposed to have been there)

Photography by Betty Boo


I always associated Maisie with those guy scenes. In fact when ever we have done anything together, there's usually been a couple of guys involved. So when she said she wanted to try some girl scenes, invited her over to the beach house to 'discuss' it.

It turns out that Maisie was very enthusiastic about it and I made sure that we had the place to ourselves. As things began to heat up, I didn't notice we had a a guest. Well it was more of a snooper and he certainly got a show. Ben just can't seem to get through his skull that sometimes discression is the better part of valour and not to stand there jerking off while I am entertaining.

We only became aware of it all when he finally couldn't contain himself any longer. Sadly for him, neither Maisie or I were very impressed.